This Ice Skater Created An Entire Routine Based On Sailor Moon –

Figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva is a serious anime fan, so when she works on special figure skating routines, she’s not afraid to incorporate her love of anime into the mix. This year at the International Skating Union, where the annual World Team Trophy in Figure Skating is held, Evgenia was selected for her country as a part of Team Russia. She decided to use a Sailor Moon-themed routine for her entry.

Mortal Kombat Gifts To Finish Your Holiday Season –

The resurgence of fighting games over the last few years has been a great thing, bringing back a classic genre that encourages competition, hype, and salt. One of the coolest things about it is that the Mortal Kombat series has finally become a tournament-quality franchise with lots of depth to go with the blood and guts. If you’ve got a Kombat fan in your life, here’s a kombo of possible presents that will have them reeling.

The New Episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 Ranked –

Mystery Science Theater 3000 holds a special place in my heart. It was a huge part of my childhood. Before we had Comedy Central, I would rent individual episodes on VHS every chance I could. Later, when the Sci-Fi Channel became available to us, every Saturday morning was spent watching Mike, and the bots make fun of the worst movies ever made. The show means a lot to me, so I was initially wary of the Netflix revival that debuted last week. How could anything live up to the show I grew up with?

Diane Lane Defends the 'Martha' Moment and Justice League Stops Pretending Superman Won't be in it –

Justice League is out later this year, which means it’s the perfect time to open old BvS-shaped wounds. /BvS (pronounced “Beavis”) wasn’t quite the beloved superhero classic Warner Bros. hoped it would be. After a lot of fans took issue with the over-dark murdery tone of Man of Steel, director Zach Snyder doubled down on it for the sequel. As a result, BvS was a bleak, humorless two-and-a-half-hour slog (three if you watched the extended edition for some reason).

Director Ben Wheatley Talks With Us About 'Free Fire' –

Filmmaker and animator Ben Wheatley has made a name for himself with pitch-dark films like Kill List and High-Rise. But his newest feature, Free Fire, takes things in a more just-for-fun (though no less brutal or grim) direction; depicting a weapons deal between IRA terrorists and American gun-traffickers that goes bad and turns into a vicious film-length gunfight in an abandoned factor in 1970s Boston. Unlike most Hollywood shootouts, the action here is staged on realistic terms where the violence is exacerbated by few of the characters being especially proficient with their weapons and the fact that gunshots are more likely to cripple or wound than outright kill; leading to a protracted standoff where shooters are occasionally in greater danger from their filthy surroundings or their own clumsiness than their enemies’ gunfire.

Fan Creates Playable Version of Breath of the Wild's 2D Prototype –

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is great for many reasons. One of its standout features is how different mechanics react to one another. Shoot a tree with a fire arrow, and it’ll burn. Chop that same tree down, and it’ll topple over, setting anything it touches ablaze. Thanks to these reactive systems, the game encourages players to be creative when approaching its various challenges.

Once Upon a Time is Wrapping Up Character Arcs Like Their Contracts Are Expiring –

Did anything really happen on Once Upon a Time last night? We have two episodes left until ‘The Final Battle’, and it feels like the story should be moving faster than this. At the very least, the Black Fairy should have done something by now. Where past villains would have tried to take over the town, destroy it, or corrupt one of the main characters, the Black Fairy is just kind of… here. Her only goal appears to be to start the final battle. And since that can’t happen for another three weeks, the show is in a holding pattern.