This Super Famicom Nintendo Switch Skin is a Work of Art –

Unless it has the neon colored joy-con controllers, the Nintendo Switch is a boring console to look at. Yes, most consoles are also black bricks, but there is really nothing special about the Switch’s default design. One clever Switch owner didn’t want to settle for that and gave their system one of hell of a makeover. Prepare yourselves to see a true masterpiece, my friends.

One Punch Man Season 2 Details Are Just as Awesome as Its DBZ Homage –

One Punch Man may finally be settling in for another season, and it appears it could be closer than ever. We should all be thankful for more One Punch Man, especially if, as rumor has it, it could be touching down this November. Get it? Thankful? Look, it’s late, and I’m tired, and I’m just ready to stop waiting and watch more of Saitama’s adventures.

Krypton and Black Lighting Find Homes and More DC TV News –

Marvel may have the best superhero movies, but DC has been dominating the TV world. Despite Marvel’s recent successes on Netflix and FX, it appears DC’s small screen reign will continue for the forseeable future. First, Greg Berlanti’s TV adaptation of Black Lightning has found a home on The CW, according to TV Line. Black Lightning will star Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce, a retired superhero must fight crime once again to protect his daughters.

More People Want a Nintendo Switch Than a PS4 Pro or Scorpio –

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio represent the peak of modern console technology. Power doesn’t mean everything, however, as the two systems’ raw horse power doesn’t appear to make them more desirable. According to a recent survey, folks in the United States are more interested in the comparatively weaker console/handheld hybrid Nintendo Switch.

Hop Onboard the Rickmobile This Summer for Rick and Morty Season 3 –

After forcing us to suffer a cliffhanger and nearly two years of silence waiting for Rick and Morty season 3, Adult Swim is really trying to make it up to fans of the sad sci-fi sitcom. First was the surprise April Fool’s premiere and the nugget sauce meme it spawned. Then there was the excellent Rick and Morty VR game (so excellent Google has now purchased the developer Owlchemy Labs).

Hitman's Cancellation Makes Us Ask What’s Going on With Square Enix? –

For those that don’t remember, Square Enix used to be two companies: Square and Enix. The two had collaborated in the past on projects like Chrono Trigger. But it wasn’t until Square nearly went bankrupt after blowing millions on creepy digital puppets for the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie did the Japanese role-playing game giants merge. The publishers behind Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest were now under one roof. What could possibly go wrong?