Travel With the Force by Your Side This Summer -

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Portable technology and getting physically fit come hand in hand these days. Star Wars fans are some of the most ambitious travelers of all. A few have even gone far and beyond to make their long winded trips, or even daily routines a bit more memorable.

Just recently The Sydney Morning Herald reported that on the popular Star Was holiday of May 4th, cyclist Andrew Collins used the tracking app Strava on his phone to create one of the most epic Star Wars routs in Australia. He road through the circular roads of Canberra, mimicking the perfect outline of one of the series most iconic ships, The Millennium Falcon.

“I saw the goat that someone had drawn on Strava in Perth a couple of months ago and thought ‘something needs to be done in Canberra,” Collins said. “So with a bit of creative stop-starting, I mapped out the Millennium Falcon.”

Travel With the Force by Your Side This Summer -
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Originally Collins – Captain of the Vikings Cycling Club – wanted to cycle out the pretty generic and circular shape of the Death Star. He then traveled to the paths around Parliament House where the fan could map out Han & Chewie’s ride a little easier. The route only took Collins around 40 minutes to complete on his road bike.

“I had to do a bit of off-roading up a dirt path between the Canberra Yacht Club and the embassies on Empire Circuit,” he laughed.

This wasn’t a difficult task for Collins, as he spends his days working with spatial data as an information analyst for Public Sector Mapping Agencies Australia, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Even Walt Disney World is getting into the fun with their new Star Wars Rebels interactive adventure led by Ezra Bridger is coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This was tested out with guests a year ago, and it looks to soon be in full swing.

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It all starts at the door of your hotel room, where an Imperial recruitment banner hangs. Inside you’ll find that the Rebel Alliance have already infiltrated the room, leaving behind important tech and special gear for your main mission. This even includes an Imperial Officer disguise. This, of course, all runs through the Star Wars app on your smartphone. Grab your blaster as Ezra guides you on an undercover mission through the park. There are also photos of other characters from the Disney XD series like Chopper and Sabine. Whether they have any speaking roles is still to be determined, but I’m leaning towards; most likely.

Travel With the Force by Your Side This Summer -
Photo provided by Disney/Lucasfilm Ltd.

This all involves leaving the room and going on an adventure on foot. This would not be the first time Disney has done an interactive experience from a phone. There was a Phineas & Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure and a Kim Possible experience before that. Only difference is those two were free. This Star Wars Rebels interactive experience comes with gifts that hike the value up a bit. There is even a shiny “gold” medal of bravery for all who complete the mission awaiting them at their room.

I love that these new ideas are getting fans of all ages out and about while sharing their love for the series. With app’s like Pokemon GO on the rise, I’d love for the Lucas camp to somehow implement that style of collecting game play into my daily workout routine. Just the thought of receiving bounties from the Rebel Alliance, or an Imperil officer to take out certain creatures or characters and add them to a captured roster excites me way more than it should!

Travel With the Force by Your Side This Summer –


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