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After forcing us to suffer a cliffhanger and nearly two years of silence waiting for Rick and Morty season 3, Adult Swim is really trying to make it up to fans of the sad sci-fi sitcom. First was the surprise April Fool’s premiere and the nugget sauce meme it spawned. Then there was the excellent Rick and Morty VR game (so excellent Google has now purchased the developer Owlchemy Labs).

However, the next Rick and Morty event might be the best, most elaborate yet. To celebrate the return of the brilliant, hilarious cartoon this summer, fans can check out the Rickmobile as it tours across the United States.

Here it is. pic.twitter.com/Ppnowmyb2E

— RICKMOBILE (@rickmobile) May 7, 2017

Kicking off today in Atlanta, the “Don’t Even Trip Road Trip” will give fans the chance to buy unique Rick and Morty merchandise from dolls to shirts to bags. But the real draw is the store itself: the Rickmobile, a truck shaped like Rick Sanchez hunched down on all fours. It’s like the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile but a drunk sociopath drawing.

The Rickmobile will roll and roam throughout the summer, stopping all throughout major cities in the East and West coast as well parts of the Midwest, South, and Southwest. You can find more details on the site along with more photos of merch and the Rickmobile in action. The tour ends in October during New York Comic Con.

And don’t forget, Rick and Morty returns to airwaves this summer, too, complete with co-creator/voice actor Justin Roiland getting increasingly wasted behind the microphone. The rest of the world may be collapsing, but when it comes to Rick and Morty, this summer we will be living in the best possible (non-Cronenberg) dimension.

Hop Onboard the Rickmobile This Summer for Rick and Morty Season 3 – Geek.com


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