Surprising No One, Once Upon a Time Makes for a Spectacular Musical –

Probably the biggest surprise about last night’s musical episode of Once Upon a Time is that it took them nearly six full seasons to do one. It’s a show built around the Disney versions of fairy tales, most of which were musicals, to begin with. For some of them (Frozen, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid), it almost felt wrong that they didn’t break out into song. A lot of TV shows have done musical episodes over the years, but OUAT feels like a better fit for one than any other series. With its focus on fairytale magic and the power of love, having its characters sing to each other seems natural.

Game of the Year: FMV Games –

For too long the definition of “Game of the Year” has been unfairly narrow. How boring is it to see every website shower the same stale AAA games with praise at the end of each holiday season? So at we’re doing what we can to put a stop to this in Game of the Year, a new column celebrating worthy alternative picks for the year’s greatest game regardless of genre, platform, year of release, or even quality. Here, any game can be Game of the Year!



The Nintendo PlayStation Prototype Has Been Fully Restored –

Nintendo and Sony have been rivals in the video game industry for over two decades. This wasn’t always the case, however. In the early 90’s, the two were working on a Super Nintendo that could play CD-Rom games. This deal never came to fruition, leading Sony to go off and create the PlayStation. The “Nintendo PlayStation” was all but a myth until 2015, when a prototype device was discovered.