Comics To Read After Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 –

Today sees the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the sequel to the 2014 Marvel movie that came out of nowhere and blew everyone away. The first Guardians movie managed to be a stand out in the same year that Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier came out, which is really all that needs to be said for how monumental it felt. A zany, heartfelt sci-fi adventure, featuring a team of characters that most moviegoers didn’t know about. The movie felt like something completely new, a breath of fresh air even in the MCU. Doing a sequel to that is hard enough, but doing it as well as Vol. 2 manages to is legitimately incredible. You can watch MovieBob’s review, but the point is that Vol. 2 does manage to live up to its predecessor, although maybe not in the way you might expect. After you’ve seen this movie though, what’s next?

Hands-On: The New Nintendo 2DS XL is the Coolest Handheld I Don’t Want –

At the press event for the recently announced New Nintendo 2DS XL, Nintendo acknowledged the weirdness of releasing a device like this at a time like this. They tried to spin it as part of a long tradition of releasing weird devices, from the original Game Boy to the glasses-free 3D of the original 3DS. But if anything, the New 2DS XL feels like an attempt to minimize risk, not court it. Just as it was clear that the Nintendo DS was Nintendo’s true handheld successor, not a nebulous third pillar, the future of handheld Nintendo hardware is clearly the Nintendo Switch, which also doubles as a home console.


除了有殖民火星的远大梦想以外,Elon Musk的SpaceX还有一个似乎更加实际的目标,到2019年开始运营宽带卫星互联网。SpaceX负责卫星政府事务的副总裁Patricia Cooper在出席美国参议院商业、科学与技术委员会听证时表示,公司将利用自己的猎鹰9号可回收火箭,在2019年到2024年的6年时间内分别将4425颗轨道平面卫星,为全球客户提供高速宽带互联网服务。


乐视金融告别“王永利时代”,瞄准互联网银行证券牌照 36氪获悉,乐视金融CEO王永利近日已辞任,不过其仍然保留了乐视控股高级副总裁的职位。据悉,原民生银行青岛分行党委书记、行长杨新军日前已出任乐视金融总裁。前不久,乐视金融取得了互联网保险和基金销售两块金融牌照,并开始上线相关业务产品,至此乐视金融已获得小贷、保理、私募、保险经纪、基金销售等牌照。另据了解,乐视金融将可能在互联网证券领域布局。

Include the Guardians of the Galaxy at Your Next Summer Gathering –

If there is one thing The Guardians of the Galaxy brings out in a lot of us, it’s good vibes and a fun time! With the always hilarious James Gunn behind the helm of characters like Starlord and Rocket Raccoon; mixed in with some of the best soundtracks this side of the nebula, only one thing could make this ragtag of intergalactic misfits more enjoyable this summer. Drinking booze from their miniature tiki bodies by the pool is the only thing you need this summer!

Robots Can Now Copy Our Voices, Nothing is Safe –

Robots are scary and terrifying an- oh my god now they can talk like us. We’re doomed.Canadian start-up Lyrebird has some cool new software that uses neural networks and machine learning to mimic… well, anyone. You can listen to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump to explain it all below. While it would be pretty bizarre to hear those three working together on anything, obviously this is all done with computers. And, I’ll be honest, it’s pretty rough. The cadence is awkward and stilted, and that’s just for starters. Even so, the imitation is remarkable.