The Defenders Trailer is Here –

Marvel’s partnership with Netflix has given us some of the best superhero TV around (and Iron Fist), and now it’s all coming together with The Defenders. This is what each series has been building to since Daredevil dropped its first season. Since then, we’ve had amazingly choreographed fight scenes, down-to-earth superhero stories, and a few terrifying villains. After Iron Fist disappointed by containing exactly none of those things, I was beginning to worry about the coming crossover event. Would the downward trend continue? This trailer helps put some of those fears to rest.

We Are Almost Out of Options for Climate Change –

Alright, seriously, we can stop now. I know none of us want to, none of us think we can, but we absolutely have got to stop cranking out so many greenhouse gasses. Yes, it’s critical. Silly, ill-conceived op-eds aside, we also know that this is going to be really, really bad. It’s not just the polar bears; it’s everything. But we’ve been so slow to act that unless we totally changed course yesterday, we are headed for absolute disaster.

融资季 | 红点中国合伙人张涵,9大ToB生态圈项目首曝

融资季 | 红点中国合伙人张涵,9大ToB生态圈项目首曝



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