The Flash's Bleakest Episode Yet Is Also its Most Hopeful –

When Julian took off Caitlin’s necklace to save her life at the end of the last episode, you might have thought The Flash would return from its month-long hiatus with a Killer Frost battle. Well, we’re not quite there yet. For now, Barry faces an especially tough obstacle: His future self is kind of a dick. If you thought current Barry made bad decisions sometimes, he’s got nothing on future Barry.

Check Out New Stills From The Live-Action Version of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure –

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the coolest, most stylish anime series of all time, and it’s getting its own live-action film adaptation. Up until now, there hadn’t been much talk about the live-action version, but it’s being directed by Takashi Miike (Audition and other excellent films) so we know it’s at least got that going for it. There have been a couple of new stills released showing off what we might be able to expect from the upcoming project.

Genius Tells a Fascinating Story but Subtlety Isn't its Strong Suit –

National Geographic’s new scripted drama Genius has a great premise. Each season focuses on the life of an inventor or scientist, with the goal being to impart a deeper understanding of who the person was. Their first subject is Albert Einstien, a man we’ve all heard of, but most of us know very little about. Most people have a general idea of his contributions to science. They’re vaguely familiar with the concept of relativity, and they know that E=MC2 is a thing. That’s kind of it as far as the general public’s knowledge of Einstein goes. That’s why it’s exciting to have a TV show that purports to present an unfiltered look at who the man actually was.



Hubble's Successor Is Almost Ready to Go –

Hubble is one of the most important telescopes in history. It showed us so much of the universe around us and has been credited with keeping the public’s imagination about space alive — and peppering basically all media since with sprawling nebulae. But space telescope is almost 30 years old at this point. It’s had a good run, but it’s about time we made some upgrades. That’s the idea behind the forthcoming James Webb Telescope.

The Teen Titans and Young Justice Are Coming to the New DC Streaming Service –

Just when you thought the last thing you needed was yet another streaming television subscription service, one comes along that sounds pretty cool. Sometime in 2018, Warner Bros. will debut a DC Entertainment branded streaming site, according to Deadline. That’s pretty exciting for DC comics fans already, but what might make this new service worth subscribing to are two of the shows it will launch with: Young Justice: Outsiders and Titans.