The Cast of Genius Answers: Was Albert Einstein a (Likeable) Pig? –

National Geographic is premiering its new drama series Genius on Tuesday, April 25. Each season will tell the story of a famous scientist. The first focuses on Albert Einstein, played by Geoffrey Rush in his later years and by Johnny Flynn in his younger days. We got to see an early screening of the first episode at TriBeCa Film Festival and got a chance to talk to some of the actors beforehand. Naturally, I asked them about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

人工智能在法律界如何落地 ?标准化机器人产品之外,法狗狗还要涉足定制服务


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If you’re an avid reader, you probably have a “to-read” list a mile long. If you’re interested in supplementing your reading schedule with summaries of interesting books that you’d probably never get around to reading, today’s deal is too good to pass up. Snag a life subscription to Instaread, and you’ll have access to summaries of more than 500 New York Times nonfiction best sellers right out the gate.

This Kirby Clothing Event in Japan Served Sweet Kirby Cupcakes –

As we previously reported, there’s a special collaboration with Japanese lingerie creator Yummy Mart to release a whole new Kirby-themed clothing line, and they all look super adorable. Alongside the launch was an adorable party held at the Yummy Mart store in Harajuku where Kirby-themed refreshments were served alongside the display of Kirby merchandise for people to purchase. RocketNews24 (now SoraNews24) went to check it out and what they found was a dream come true for any Kirby fan.