Once Upon a Time is Wrapping Up Character Arcs Like Their Contracts Are Expiring – Geek.com

Did anything really happen on Once Upon a Time last night? We have two episodes left until ‘The Final Battle’, and it feels like the story should be moving faster than this. At the very least, the Black Fairy should have done something by now. Where past villains would have tried to take over the town, destroy it, or corrupt one of the main characters, the Black Fairy is just kind of… here. Her only goal appears to be to start the final battle. And since that can’t happen for another three weeks, the show is in a holding pattern.

Cassini Probe Puts a Ring On Earth Before it Dies – Geek.com

If you’re a space nerd, you’re probably familiar with the Cassini probe. It, alongside the Huygens lander, were part of a joint ESA and NASA mission to study Saturn and its moons. The mission has been one of the most successful in space history and marked a number of firsts for our species. Even so, Cassini was launched almost twenty years ago, and it’s starting to feel it. Over the next few months, the probe will be sent spiraling towards Saturn’s thick atmosphere to die, ending a long and storied mission.

Project Scorpio's Power Advantage Won't be Enough to Topple the PS4 – Geek.com

It has been a few weeks since the specs for Project Scorpio were revealed. Microsoft’s upcoming console easily outstrips the Xbox One regarding pure horsepower. It also outmatches Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. Because of its superior hardware, some believe the PS4’s time as the undisputed king of the console generation may soon be over. After all, if games run and look better on Scorpio, why would anyone want a PlayStation 4?