Ada AI is Your Personal, Mobile Physician -

via Ada Health

Hypochondriacs, unite! Artificial intelligence-powered app Ada provides a personalized way to assess and monitor your health—anytime, anywhere.

Feeling achy or itchy outside of office hours? Break out in hives during a weekend away? Skip the waiting room and ask Ada for advice.

Designed by a team of medical doctors and scientists, the AI, which launched late last year, learns over time to better serve you and your varied afflictions.

“While the topic of machine learning and [artificial intelligence] comes with some unknowns, in the medical field, we know the future of AI is bright, and the possibilities are endless,” Ada Health CEO Daniel Nathrath said in a statement. “We’re at the forefront of something special. Ada continues to grow more intelligent with each passing day.”

Ada AI is Your Personal, Mobile Physician -

via Ada Health

Once introductions have been made, the digital doctor is ready to assess and track your (or someone else’s) symptoms. Plugin “sore back,” for instance, and you’ll be quizzed on things like extent and severity of the problem, environmental factors, and auxiliary issues.

Ada then works her magic to provide a concise report, highlighting possible causes and next steps—can this be managed at home, or should I seek medical advice?

“What’s special about Ada is the level of detail and personalization of each interaction,” Chief Medical Officer Claire Novorol said. “At each step during an assessment, Ada carefully selects follow-up questions to gather the information that matters the most.”

The app also helps users track symptoms and outcomes, which, according to Novorol, “further improves and individualizes the experience over time.”

“This has obvious benefits for those using Ada to assess, understand, monitor, and manage their own health,” she continued. “Doctors are excited about it, too, as Ada often collects important details that they might have otherwise missed or not had time to ask about.”

Users can also opt to share their information with a registered physician, who will review the selected symptoms and offer advice.

Aside from assuaging fears of what that new mole might mean, the app aims to enable patients to make informed health decisions. And, ultimately, to make folks think twice about visiting the doctor every time they cough.

” US health care costs are the highest in the world and on the rise,” Nathrath said. “Digital health technologies like Ada have the ability to cut costs significantly and improve access to health care for all Americans.”

Ada Personal Health Companion is available to download for free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Ada AI is Your Personal, Mobile Physician –


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