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On 4/20 we tend to celebrate all things pot or pot adjacent. And that is awesome! We dig weed-tech here at Geek. But we also wanted to bow our collective hats to another pot, Hertfordshire’s own Stuart Pot. You might know him from the supergroup Gorillaz. Often referred to as Stu-Pot, the front man is the leader of the gang and the self-described ‘pretty boy.’ The Brit singer is also called 2-D at times. Damon Alban (formally of Blur) breaths voice and Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl) gives life to Stu, literally. The Gorillaz lore is deep and fascinating if you’ve followed their saga over the four phases.

The highly anticipated new album is due out April 28th (pre-order here). As we are solidly in Phase Four, the group will be hosting mixed reality events this weekend in 500 locations to kick-off the ‘Humanz’ release. This is Gorillaz’s first album in seven years. Find a Sprit House near you and enjoy the ride. If the new video is any indication this should be another stellar move from Stu-Pot and crew.


Our Favorite Pot – Geek.com


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