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As a huge Rick and Morty fan, I enjoyed just hanging around in a virtual world based on the show last year when I played a demo Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality. However, when legit VR enthusiast and Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland teamed up (drunken, over Indian food) with the creators of Job Simulator at Owlchemy Labs, they didn’t just want to make a demo. They wanted to make an immersive game that did justice to the hysterical, enthralling sci-fi cartoon. After playing the final version, out now, the result is the best thing since McDonald’s Szechuan Mulan McNugget sauce.

I Want VR Szechuan Sauce in Rick and Morty Simulator - Geek.com

Rick and Morty Simulator runs on PCs that support the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers. I played with the non-fascist Vive headset. Like in the previous demo, I wandered around Rick’s garage lab as a Morty clone, but I had more time and fewer surrounding con-goers distracting me from the science. It’s kind of a cliche for room-scale VR writing, but I did really feel like I had been transported into this cartoon I’ve been intimately familiar with for years now.

I’ve played other ambitious VR games, but something about the level of detail in Rick and Morty Simulator impressed me more than past attempts. Maybe because it was full of hilarious writing and great Easter eggs I wouldn’t dare spoil. Maybe because the Rick and Morty art style works surprisingly well in 3D like a Simpsons Halloween episode. Maybe because manipulating objects with your own hands, pulling levers or looking at your watch to receive Rick’s instructions or shooting yourself in the head with a laser gun, feels very natural. There was nothing uncomfortable about crouching down to look for a regular old plumbus that had fallen off the shelf. I even began ignoring the wires trailing behind me in actual meatspace I was so immersed and entertained.

Inhabiting the Rick and Morty (non-Cronenberg) dimension adds an incredible amount of joy to what are otherwise clever but fairly simple adventure game physics puzzles. On paper, entering another dimension to recharge a battery for a porn-infested computer just sounds like an amusing but rote and typical gaming to-do list. But when you figure out all of those steps and then physically perform them in 3D space, from pulling out the battery to stepping into the portal you conjured, it’s much more satisfying.

It’s very funny, too. The realism of your actions nicely complements the absurdity of the Rick and Morty action. In a way, it reminds me of how the show takes its insane sci-fi ideas to their mind-blowing, nihilistic, logical conclusions. It’s like being in your own Futurama or Black Mirror episode. I summoned a Mr. Meeseeks that mirrored my every action, including throwing vital tech on the roof like Walter White, until I murdered it by ripping off its VR headset. It was very grateful.

I Want VR Szechuan Sauce in Rick and Morty Simulator - Geek.com

After playing the game, I got a chance to talk with some folks from both Owlchemy Labs and Adult Swim. They wouldn’t tell me everything, like whether or not the game includes the sequel to Rick and Morty’s VR life simulator Roy or if Bird Person (voiced by other co-creator and Community mastermind Dan Harmon) will swoop in. The game might be full of memory parasites for all I know, which would extra effective in VR.

However, I did learn that the game’s storyline takes place before Rick and Morty’s upcoming third season. I also learned that before Roiland provided the team with hours of Interdimensional Cable-esque comedy riffing, Owlchemy Labs would record temp audio using their best Rick impressions. They’re not half bad.

Now that modern virtual reality tech is finally available for everyone, we’re already seeing familiar brands flock to the platform, from Batman to Star Wars to Prompto Argentum. Adult Swim has been a publisher of hilarious and legitimately great games for years now, from other licensed games like Pocket Mortys to intriguing indie pick-ups like Battle Chef Brigade. As VP of Adult Swim games Jeff Olsen explained, part of that success came from being at the ground floor of the rise of mobile gaming.

The network is hoping to repeat victory with VR. So don’t be surprised if Tim and Eric, Samurai Jack, or The Boondocks ever come to VR. Granted, VR gaming is much more expensive than mobile gaming, and we don’t know if Rick and Morty Simulator will ever come to the cheaper, more accessible PlayStation VR. Still, I can’t think of a stronger opening than Rick and Morty Simulator. Sorry, Bojack, but it’s the truth. Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality is available now on PC for $30. Play it for a hundred years dot com.

I Want VR Szechuan Sauce in Rick and Morty Simulator – Geek.com


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