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The latest version of Google Photos reportedly includes a video stabilization feature.

Built-in optical image stabilization (OIS) is becoming standard in most new smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG V20, and Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

Embedded in the lens itself, the technology promises clearer images and smoother videos. But for us regular handset owners, an app-based OIS function—like Google Photos’—is a welcome addition to phone filmmaking.

First spotted in the Photos APK in August by Android Police, a proxy appears to have been replaced with the new, functioning extra. The highly anticipated component is rolling out now to Android users, according to the tech blog, which detailed the simple stabilization process:

Open a video in the viewer, tap the edit icon, and look for the new “stabilize” button in the bottom left. Tap to start, then watch your progress on screen; upload time depends on video duration, resolution, frame rate, and device processing power.

Once finished, the stabilize button turns blue to signify an active effect; toggle it on and off to compare results.

“Since this is electronic stabilization, there will naturally be some cropping of the video, but the results seem fairly good,” Android Police’s Cody Toombs wrote in an app teardown.

Check out this side-by-side demo user Daniel Stone uploaded, or compare Verge writer Chris Welch’s nauseating walk to lunch with the Photos-stabilized version (equally vomit-inducing with its warping effects).

The official Google Play app description makes no mention of stabilization; last week’s update officially includes a set of “smart, dynamic filters,” advanced editing controls, and more editable movies.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It remains unclear whether the same function will be pushed out to iOS users.

Microsoft introduced a similar feature two years ago with the Hyperlapse app, available for Windows PCs and phones, as well as Google’s Android operating system.

Google Photos Update Stabilizes Shaky Videos –


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