Sony Will Release a 1TB PlayStation 4 in North America Later This Month -

If you’re interested in a PlayStation 4 but don’t feel the PS4 Pro is right for you, there is always the standard PlayStation 4. Since it was launched last year, the new PS4 (affectionately called the PS4 Slim) came with a 500GB hard drive. As any serious gamer will tell you, that isn’t nearly enough storage space (especially after this insane first quarter). Thankfully, Sony is about to release a PS4 with a generous amount of storage space.

Over on Twitter, the official PlayStation account announced that North America will soon be getting PlayStation 4 units with 1TB of internal storage space. This model will replace the current 500GB SKU. Best of all, this updated system will still retail for $299.99. Players will essentially get an additional 500GB for free.

Arriving on store shelves this month: new slim PS4 system featuring a 1TB internal HDD for $299.99 MSRP! Details:

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) April 18, 2017

As listed over on the official PlayStation site, the new PS4 will come with a 1TB HDD, a DualShock 4 controller, HDMI cable, wired mono headset, and a USB charging cable. Basically, it contains everything the PS4 already does.

This new PS4 comes on the heels of a recent firmware update that adds external HDD support. Anyone who recently purchased a 500GB PS4 and doesn’t want to buy a new system or an internal HDD can use any external HDD instead. This option sort of makes needing to purchase the new 1TB PS4 a bit pointless, but it’s a nice option to have regardless. Some people (myself included) aren’t exactly fans of using external HDDs for gaming, so having a system with a larger HDD is still a viable choice.

The 1TB PS4 has been available in the United Kingdom since last September. It is unclear why Sony took this long to release it in the United States. Whatever the reason is, at least now players on both sides of the pond will be able to download more games to their PS4s.

Sony Will Release a 1TB PlayStation 4 in North America Later This Month –


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