Perfect Your Kamehameha In Virtual Reality With This Dragon Ball Z VR App -

Have you ever dreamt of unleashing your own deadly ki blast just like the ones you’ve seen in Dragon Ball Z? Don’t lie. We all have. And we’ve all pretended at one time or another to be prepping a huge Kamehameha blast by holding our wrists together, our hands stretched out at our sides, ready to conjure all our energy. It was a personal staple of recess play for me, and now we can experience something as close to the real thing as possible, thanks to the magic of virtual reality.

There’s an entire Dragon Ball Z-themed VR experience including a special headset and a mobile app that will allow you to channel that satisfying palm-charged ki blast you’ve seen Goku send out into the world time and time again. You’ll be able to send out so many Kamehameha blasts the enemy won’t know what hit them.

Thanks to Japanese manufacturer Mega House, fans will be able to pick up special hand sensors, a Dragon Ball Z-themed VR mat, and a headset that utilizes your smartphone to make you feel like you’re in the action anime yourself. It looks very much like a cel-shaded trip through the series’ best moments with a unique overlay for you to pretend you’re wreaking havoc on innocent set pieces and enemies alike.

If you’re not totally sold on the VR experience already, check out the trailer for exactly what all it has to offer. It’s called BotsNew Characters VR Dragon Ball Z, and it’ll be released in Japan for about 12,000 yen, which equates to about $110 for us. That’s a mere pittance for getting to feel like a Super Saiyan, and honestly, who hasn’t wished to become one of those before? This kit may not make you one in real life, but it’s going to get you as close as it can.

Perfect Your Kamehameha In Virtual Reality With This Dragon Ball Z VR App –


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