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It’s always nice when you get into an Uber car, and the driver offers you snacks and beverages (or wildly inappropriate personal stories). One driver went above and beyond by adding something extra special to his car: a fully functional NES Classic Edition.

A Reddit user by the name of Okdiv posted a picture of this sweet set up late yesterday. As you can see from the picture below, a small monitor is set up right behind the passenger seat next to the driver. In between the driver and the passenger seat rests the NES Classic console (with a tip jar on top!). The set up is a bit on the messy side with all of the wires sticking out, but that’s not really important.

Uber Driver Has NES Classic in Backseat - Geek.com

Okdiv said that the driver was deaf, so communication was limited. It would have been nice to know how he got the driver hands on the NES Classic Edition. The miniature system was always difficult to get one’s hands on. Now that it has been discontinued, it will be nearly impossible to find (at a decent price). This NES Classic Edition is literally one of the few in existence. I hope this driver keeps the system secure, lest some nefarious passenger tries to steal it.

We don’t know where this driver is based out of. It could be here in the United States, or it could be anywhere in the world. While it may be hard to track down this driver, the fact that someone did something like this will hopefully inspire other Uber drivers to set up their own cars with similar rigs. There are a ton of emulator options out there, so any driver with knowledge about how to set one up can theoretically do this to their ride.

Get your NES Classic here while you still can!

Uber Driver Has NES Classic in Backseat – Geek.com


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