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The National Hockey League inked a deal to bring Apple tech to the sidelines during this month’s Stanley Cup playoffs.

A new video coaching system, including iPad Pro tablets and Mac Pro computers, was installed in all 16 tournament arenas.

Three iPad are positioned at each team’s bench; the slate comes loaded with an app that allows users to view highlights in near real-time. So, rather than waiting for the end of a period, coaches can access video quicker—providing immediate insight into a player’s performance.

“By the time the player gets off his shift, that content is available within a minute … from the time it actually took place,” NHL Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Peter DelGiacco told the Associated Press.

“Today, generally speaking, a lot of that would be done between periods, and there’s a limited amount of time,” he continued. “This kind of gives the coaches and the players real-time access so that they can make adjustments.”

NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Teams Get Assist From Apple - Geek.com

via Apple

During testing in the regular season, the new monitors, headsets, and video trainers helped coaches overturn calls more than a quarter of the time. The mobile tech will also help crack down on dawdling decisions.

“I think it’s been important since the beginning of the year,” Ottowa Senators coach Guy Boucher told the AP.

First rolled out to Stanley Cup contenders, the league’s “cohesive in-arena video technology system” will be installed in all 31 NHL arena in time for the start of the 2017-18 season, a spokeswoman told Geek.

As part of the implementation, on-ice officials will also use iPad Pros to conduct video reviews.

The National Hockey League, according to the spokeswoman, teamed up with Apple to bring technology into the game, and bring the game into the future.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Jumping onto the high-tech sports bandwagon, the NHL regularly confers with National Football League and Major League Baseball officials about their video technology, David Lehanski, NHL senior vice president of business development, global partnerships, and sponsorship sales, told AP.

The NFL has used Microsoft Surface tablets on sidelines for three seasons, though not everyone is a fan. New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick in October ditched the devices, telling reporters at the time that “I just can’t take it anymore”; that “they’re just too unpredictable for me.”

NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Teams Get Assist From Apple – Geek.com


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