It turns out Captain Picard is the best DJ -

I bet getting down to the wise words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard isn’t something you’d expect to do today. You’re welcome. Well, it’s more thanks to DJ Eclectic Method for putting together this remix of beats and Picard’s surprisingly soothing vocals.

Johnny Wilson, the genius behind these remixes, including a Star Wars track called Light Saber and even a Guardians of the Galaxy jam, has been integrating pop culture and electronic music for years. “Pop culture is reflected in the music of the moment, and [Eclectic Method] can do what other DJs and visual artists cannot, which is bring it all together in real time,” Wilson explains. “I can take films and zeitgeist moments, like President Obama singing or a crazy new Charlie Sheen interview, and put it out there right away in music form.”

And it’s a form that’s been able to get his work featured across the globe. Aside from millions of YouTube and Vimeo hits, Wilson’s remixes have been featured on The Colbert Report and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. “I am not some band releasing tracks,” says Wilson. “I release internet projects, collaborations, viral hits and cool little abstract concepts, and I can do it all live on stage at concerts.” But is it legal? In the age of digital piracy, Wilson is true to some very punk rock ideas.

It used to be Eclectic Method was hunted down by lawyers for infringing on the rights of musicians, now those very artists seek out Wilson out to create official video remixes of their own work. “This used to be super contentious 10 years ago when we started, but now the Weinstein company, Jay-Z and everyone else see it as good publicity.”

It turns out Captain Picard is the best DJ –


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