Bulgari's Luxury Easter Egg Makes For An Impressive Easter Holiday – Geek.com

If you’re celebrating Easter this year, your abode might be rife with colorful Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, or other colorful pastel decor. But have you ever considered dropping half a hundred on a designer chocolate Easter egg? No? You might want to put your credit card far away from you and never head to Japan then because this post is about to make you want to. No, seriously.

Intel preparing set top box unveil for CES – Geek.com

There aren’t many people out there who can offer a straight face while saying the Google TV has been a success. The first offering really doomed the platform for a little while, and while Logitech’s name was plastered on the side of the Revue, most of the time the finger of blame is pointed at Intel for the lackluster performance the box offered. To accompany Intel’s push into Android land, the company looks to succeed where everyone else has failed by releasing a superior set top box.

Surface Pro 64GB to start at $899, coming in January – Geek.com

Microsoft’s Surface RT release has left many people, myself included, yearning for a more powerful machine with Windows 8 Pro on board. The Surface Pro has been teased, but never officially announced until now. In January, Microsoft will begin selling the 64GB Surface Pro for $899, with a 128GB version for $999. The Surface Pro is nearly identical in design to the already existing Surface RT, but what you find under the hood and running on that SSD is a lot more impressive.



这篇文章节选自我前段时间跟马力一起做的知乎 Live:「从设计师到创业者的征程」,在这个将近 3 小时的知乎 Live 里,我跟大家分享了自己从一个物理系毕业生到设计师,再到创业者的总体历程。最近有很多设计师朋友想出来创业、找我聊,他们都会问我:「从设计师到创业者,这中间的差别是什么,我需要做什么准备?」希望这篇文章,可以给想创业的设计师朋友一些思路。对谈整理,略口语化,见谅。