Miles Morales Spider-Man Movie Has its Star -

Miles Morales as Spider-Man (Via Marvel)

Though Spider-Man: Homecoming will once again focus on Peter Parker, fans of Miles Morales at least have one movie to look forward to. Sony Pictures Animation is producing an animated movie starring Morales, and have just cast the starring role. Shameik Moore will play Spider-Man in the movie opposite Liev Schreiber as the film’s as-yet-unnamed villain, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Moore was one of the stars of the hit 2015 independent film Dope, as well as Netflix’s fun musical drama; The Get Down. He gave great, charismatic performances in both projects, so he’s a pretty perfect choice for the role. Morales was previously played by Donald Glover in Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man series. Glover was a fine Morales himself, and while it would have been fun for him to reprise the role, I’m excited to see what Moore brings to the character. At 21 years old, Moore is certainly closer in age to the teenage Morales than Glover is at this point.

The film’s plot details are a secret for now, but it sounds like it will focus on Morales struggling to balance being Spider-Man with his life and responsibilities as a teenager. Classic Spider-Man stuff really. The question is which universe will this take place in? I would guess it’s based on the Spider-Man series that launched in 2016. Where he’s been doing the superhero thing for a while. Parker’s out there running the world, and Miles is his own Spider-Man. Well, trying to at least. Even in 2017, being a teenage superhero is hard.

Miles Morales Spider-Man Movie Has its Star –


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