Miles Morales Spider-Man Movie Has its Star –

Though Spider-Man: Homecoming will once again focus on Peter Parker, fans of Miles Morales at least have one movie to look forward to. Sony Pictures Animation is producing an animated movie starring Morales, and have just cast the starring role. Shameik Moore will play Spider-Man in the movie opposite Liev Schreiber as the film’s as-yet-unnamed villain, according to The Hollywood Reporter.



Lucasfilm is Producing Animated Shorts Celebrating the Women of Star Wars –

We have a new Star Wars movie coming out every year, an ongoing animated series, a constant stream of new novels, and multiple fantastic canonical comics series. You know what this world needs? That’s right, more Star Wars. Disney and Lucasfilm are pumping out a constant stream of new Star Wars stories, and will likely continue until long after we’re all dead. Fortunately, everything they’ve put out so far has been awesome. This latest animated project though might be the coolest.