This Japanese Bakery Has Checking Out On Lock -

Isn’t checking out at the supermarket annoying? If you get tuck with one of those self-checkout machines, it can be downright brutal. You’ve got to place every single item from your cart on the little platform, find the barcode, and scan it, and then bag it yourself. It’s a pain no matter how you slice it. What if you were going to a bakery and you had to scan a whole lot of individual baked goods? That wouldn’t be fun, would it? One bakery in Japan has figured out an awesome new way to improve its efficiency.

Just like you saw in Robocop (a classic!) one special bakery has a scanner set up at a register that scans each food item, identifies what it is on the customer’s tray, and then totals things up. It’s called the Bakery Scan, by the Tokyo company Brain. You might also know it as something like “magic.”


— いもす (@imos) April 8, 2017

It’s a whole lot like Robocop targeting, and it actually works. Imagine the possibilities, where you only have to put things on a scanning device, and everything will be automatically totaled up for you. It not only means a quicker experience for the customer but an easier and more simplified experience for the cashiers and workers, as well as those that run the shops. Of course, you still need people around since machines can and do make errors, but this might very well be one of the coolest applications of scanning tech out there.

Toshiba has been working on a similar device, as reported by RocketNews24, but it has been having some issues with being deployed for supermarket checkout lanes because it needs to be able to eliminate background image noise and there’s a whole lot of data associated with keeping one running. Either way, it sure is awesome.

This Japanese Bakery Has Checking Out On Lock –


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