These New Totoro Toys Are Absolutely Adorable -

If you’re a My Neighbor Totoro or Studio Ghibli fan, you might want to clear out some shelf space. There’s a whole new set of toys that you’re definitely going to want. One particular Studio Ghibli distributor, Benelic, has announced a bunch of new toys that are about to release in the Japanese chain of Donguri Kyowakoku stores.

What can you sink your claws into next? A series of adorable My Neighbor Totoro wind-up toys, which run the gamut from Totoro riding in an acorn and playing hide and seek to a Totoro with an umbrella trying to stay dry from the rain in an “umbrella dance.” You wind up the toys in classic wind-up toy style and let them go for even cuter results than just looking at the on your shelf.

Totoro is obviously the main star, with a larger version and a smaller version up for grabs. But he isn’t the only character along for the ride. Little 4-year-old Mei is also available, with her hat moving up and down to reveal a small Totoro on top of her head. Each wind-up toy costs about $16.70, and you can find them in Donguri Kyowakoku stores in Japan starting in May going onward.

These New Totoro Toys Are Absolutely Adorable -

If you don’t live in Japan, however, you can still pick them up online. If you live overseas, you can’t buy them from the official online store, but you can check the Cafe de Donguri global page or Rakuten, or other stores online that carry official Japanese merchandise. Because these adorable Totoro cuties can’t be passed up for too long. Don’t let them fend for themselves all alone with no happy home to go to.

In fact, you can pair them up with that adorable No Face piggy bank you saw on Geek not long ago! Remember that? Did you purchase one too?

These New Totoro Toys Are Absolutely Adorable –


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