Riverdale Returns with Bros, Biker Gangs, and a Baby Shower – Geek.com

It’s been a long couple weeks with no Riverdale on Thursday nights. Come on CW; you can’t deprive me of my teen soap opera fix so abruptly like that. I almost resorted to watching One Tree Hill… I may have a problem. No matter, though, because the good stuff is back with one of the better episodes we’ve seen so far. Archie and Jughead are now living together, and Chit’s everything you’d want living with your best friend to be. Fred walks in to find them playing video games and seriously dude-ing up the room with the combined body odor of two high school boys. He tells them to keep it down, as he has a big day ahead breaking ground on the new construction site.

Goodnight VR Prince, Palmer Luckey Leaves Oculus – Geek.com

Welp, it finally happened. Palmer Luckey, the Boy King/old-timey baseball player who helped Kickstart the modern (questionable) virtual reality boom, is no longer at Oculus. According to UploadVR, Oculus’s parent company Facebook hasn’t detailed exactly why the creator of the Oculus Rift headset has left the company he founded and earned millions of dollars off of, but if you’ve been paying attention, it’s not too hard to figure out what probably happened.

8点1氪:微信要出海建办公室,去“俘获”欧美的广告主;ofo 的新型智能锁,开锁密码会变化

阿里影业发布财报并调整业务架构:去年收入9.05 亿元阿里巴巴影业集团今日公布 2016 年全年业绩,由于淘票票、粤科以及内容制作业务的收入增长,2016年阿里影业收入达到9.05亿元,较上一年度增长243%。但受淘票票推广支出影响,阿里影业全年亏损9.59亿元。同时,阿里影业最新的业务架构调整为互联网宣发、内容制作和综合开发三大板块,未来将全面与阿里巴巴大文娱生态整合。

MovieBob Reviews: GHOST IN THE SHELL (2017) – Geek.com

Ghost in The Shell is a seminal work of at least two major twentieth-century genres. One of the most fully realized narratives in the so-called “cyberpunk” movement and one of a handful of go-to Anime classics where one doesn’t necessarily feel obligated to place air quotes “classic” when describing it outside the tempura-crusted Shibuya tentacle dungeon that is contemporary Otaku fandom.