Once Upon a Time Gets the Evil Queen Out of the Way – Geek.com

After the end of last week’s episode, it looked like trouble was heading for Storybrooke. Suddenly, there were two villains running around. Would the Evil Queen and Gideon work together? Would Emma and Regina be forced to handle each threat alone, putting themselves in greater danger? As it turns out, no. As it turns out, it only took one episode for Regina to deal with her evil half for good.



Walk The Dinosaur is the Funniest Song of All Time – Geek.com

There are a lot of funny songs out there. From Weird Al’s parodies to Afroman’s comedy hip hop to humorous musicals like The Book of Mormon. But those are all supposed to be funny. On the other end you have songs like “All Star” by Smash Mouth which is absolutely hilarious but in a completely unintentionally, ironic way. What makes “Walk the Dinosaur” by Was Not Was objectively the funniest song of all time is that it exists at the perfect midpoint between these two styles of musical comedy.