Bite Into a Tasty Cherry Blossom Burger in Japan –

So far we’ve been privy to some extremely delicious-looking cherry blossom products available now in Japan, like the cherry blossom McFlurry, cherry blossom beer, and even cherry blossom McFizz drinks. But now there’s something even more decadent out there: the Sakura burger, from Hawaii’s new burger chain Teddy’s Bigger Burgers. For the Japanese location, the Sakura burger is a limited edition, and it looks just as awesome as it sounds.

8点1氪: 苹果发布红色特别版iPhone​;李彦宏:百度每天都做好了失败的准备;芯片磁条复合银行卡“刷卡”功能将关闭


The Best Video Game Books for the Literary Player –

Video games, like any other art, can stay with us long after we’re done interacting with them. They can make us think and want to share those thoughts with others. Why did you think I wanted this job? However, some video game thoughts are too big and complex to share in blog posts. They call for hundreds of pages of criticism or original storytelling. And if you have hundreds of pages worth of words to write, you’re probably writing a book. So here are some of the best video game books you can and should read.

March 2017 Loot Gaming: WILD (Because Nerds Need Canteens) –

The March 2017 Loot Gaming crate is designed to let you live off the land. Which, for gamers, means hitting things until they drop resources, then crafting with them. The crate’s theme is “WILD.” which fits because one of the biggest games to come out this month is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But don’t worry, there’s some Metal Gear Solid stuff in there, too.