Amazon's 'Outfit Compare' Helps Style Prime Members -

Via TechCrunch

Stop texting possible-date-outfit photos to friends, and ask Amazon for advice.

The e-commerce giant is reportedly offering Prime members a new, somewhat bizarre, fashion feature.

Subscribers can look for the “Outfit Compare” option under “Programs and Features” in the latest Amazon shopping app, according to TechCrunch.

“We recently launched a feature in the free Amazon shopping app called Outfit Compare that allows Prime members to submit two photos of themselves wearing different outfits and in about a minute, receive an opinion from a fashion specialist about which one they prefer,” a company spokeswoman told Geek in an email. “It is available for iPhone Prime Members in the US only.”

Users simply share two photos of themselves wearing two different outfits; ask a friend to snap a picture, or pose for a mirror selfie. Then, wait for an Amazon stylist to reveal which ensembles works better.

These anonymous “experts”—specialists hired to work on this project—boast various industry backgrounds: retail, editorial, styling, and other creative fields, the service’s FAQ explained, as reported by TechCrunch.

Amazon's 'Outfit Compare' Helps Style Prime Members -

Via TechCrunch

Their final determination, TechCrunch said, is based on how the clothes fit, how they are styled, what colors best suit you (at least, the you in that poorly lit, blurry image), and what’s currently on trend, among other factors.

Look out for a “style scale” rating, which estimates the level of the critic’s enthusiasm about the outfit: “Definitely pick this one,” “We like this better.” or “It was a close call.”

For security sake, uploaded photos are viewed only by Amazon staff (who surely don’t want to sift through inappropriate images all day, so think twice before sharing). And, you can delete pics within the mobile app, removing the originals (and any copies associated with your account) from the program, according to the news blog.

All iOS users should have access to the new feature; non-Prime members can see “Outfit Compare,” but won’t be able to participate without paying a monthly subscription. An Android version of the application is planned, TechCrunch reported.

More than a year ago, the company debuted seven fashion lines, offering something for everyone: from run-of-the-mill to high street, from children to adult.

Amazon's 'Outfit Compare' Helps Style Prime Members –


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