Geek deals: iFixit essential electronics toolkit -

Gadgets break – it’s an inevitability. Parts wear out, screens crack, and it’s not always a good deal to have someone else fix it. Instead, a small investment in the right tools can embolden you to take on the task of fixing your own gear. With this low-cost toolkit from the folks at iFixit, you might be able to restore your gadget at a fraction of the manufacturer’s listed repair price.

iFixit essential electronics toolkit for $19.95

Geek deals: iFixit essential electronics toolkit -

With your purchase, you’ll get a magnetized driver handle, angled precision tweezers, a spudger, a jimmy, an iFixit-branded opening tool, six iFixit opening picks, a suction handle, a magnetized case, a lid with built-in sorting tray, and loads of screwdriver bits. That includes fives phillips bits, two pentalobe bits, three flathead bits, two torx bits, three torx security bits, and a SIM eject bit.

Whether you’re looking to replace a broken touchscreen, improve the antenna on your wireless controller, or upgrade your laptop’s SSD, the first step is a proper disassembly. Not only do you need full access to the internals, but you’ll want to do it without scuffing the outside, or breaking the components. Without having the right tools for the job, any attempt to crack your device open is needlessly risky.

As long as you read up on your upcoming repair, watch some tutorials, and have the right tools for the job, you can save some serious cash. Of course, you run the risk of voiding warranties with DIY repairs, so be sure to investigate the pros and cons of any particular project before you begin.

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Geek deals: iFixit essential electronics toolkit –


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