Night in the Woods is my Horror Game of the Year –

Night in the Woods is a fantastic game with a charming art style that belies its incredibly honest and resonant stories. In other words, Scott Benson, Alec Holowka, and Bethany Hockenberry made a Game of the Year. You can look at it however you want, as an adventure game, a visual novel, a social simulator, a series of minigames threaded by a plot. I personally see it as the most effective horror game I’ve ever played.

MovieBob Reviews: BEAUTY & THE BEAST (2017) –

What exactly is the point of this?No need to answer that – we already all know the point is selling tickets and thus entirely rhetorical. Even still, while there really isn’t anything especially “wrong” with Beauty & The Beast, it’s the first of this new live-action Disney fairytale cycle that’s not even pretending that there was some other compelling reason for a remake other than to score a big box-office off of generational nostalgia and ensure that future fans of various Disney classics have to buy two different versions of their favorites.


今天,车置宝宣布获得近1亿美金C轮融资,此次C轮融资的领投方为太盟投资集团 (PAG)。PAG是目前亚洲最具规模的私募股权基金之一,旗下管理资金约160亿美金,在大中华区、韩国、日本、东南亚和澳洲开展产业投资业务,在中国大陆完成过包括海通证券、腾讯音乐娱乐集团,先锋太盟融资租赁在内的一系列战略投资。PAG在中国大陆的汽车后服务市场的金融、服务、救援、连锁经营和零售等领域均有战略投资。