PAX East 2017 Hand's On: HUNTDOWN –

It was probably inevitable that “retro” would become a subgenre unto itself in the indie gaming scene: Development costs are expensive, independently-developed games tend to have more in common with their arcade and console ancestors than their megabudget 21st Century AAA contemporaries, plenty of indie devs came up during the 8 and 16-bit “Golden Age” of gaming – it only makes sense that drafting new games as though they’d been released for the Nintendo Entertainment System or Sega Genesis 20 years ago would become a “thing.”



智能硬件开始兴起之后,健身就成了一个重要的方向。茄子科技就是这个赛道上的一家公司。这家成立于2014的茄子科技,主要开发和设计智能家居和健康相关产品。2015年7月启动了 智能健身软硬件产品 Move It ,希望通过“智能化+健身器械” 的方式,降低用户健身成本。茄子科技向36氪透露,目前已经有超过万套海外订单,最近三个月的周活跃率在30%左右。

Legoland Japan's Whimsical Upcoming Menu Looks Amazing –

There’s a brand new Legoland that’s supposed to be opening in Nagoya, Japan soon, as early as next month. And with its opening will come a whole lot of amazing-looking food based on the Legos that inspired the entirety of the attraction. Talk about being compelled to play with your food. The snacks you’ll see in Legoland are going to be absolutely awesome (like everything is, according to The Lego Movie.)

Lawyer's Pants Catch Fire, Hilarity Ensues –

Usually, when you hear about someone’s pants being on fire, your mind jumps to lies. And, in a fun twist of fate, a lawyer’s pants recently caught on fire (cue sardonic chuckle). Unfortunately, this isn’t evidence of divine intervention or magic, but of a faulty e-cig. Even better, the Miami-based attorney, Stephen Gutierrez, was in court at the time, defending his client from an arson charge.