The First Woman In Space Is Celebrating Her 80th Birthday -

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What did you do to celebrate your last birthday? Did you go to eat somewhere? Did you spend time with friends? Did you go to space? As of Monday the first woman to go to space was celebrating her 80th birthday, which was also part of a very important mission to the outer reaches of space. Talk about a ridiculously important birthday event.

Valentina Tereshkova, pictured above, was tasked with an integral mission for the Soviet Union at the time: getting into space. According to Soviet officials in 1963, the mission was successful, but a few years ago Tereshkova came forward with information about a potential technical issue that could have left her up in space all alone with no way to get back home.

During a broadcast on Channel 1, Tereshkova explained the situation: “When the spacecraft reached the orbit, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to return to Earth because the ship was programmed to move to a higher orbit instead of deorbiting. I reported the situation to the mission control, they told me how to change the parameters, and everything went on without trouble.”

It’s good that it did, else the first woman in space might have been privy to the first disaster involving a woman in space. Previously before going up into the sky, Tereshkova liked parachute jumps and worked in a textile factory. She told her relatives she was going to attend a parachute competition when in reality she was a part of the Soviet space program, which involved a three-day mission that launched her into instant stardom in her country.

Vladimir Putin, Russian president, as he hosted Tereshkova at the Kremlin while praising her for being a role model and “symbol of service” to Russia. While the first woman in space may be living a much more terrestrial live right now as a member of the Russian parliament, her head will always be in the stars, it seems. Because how awesome would it be to be the first woman in space?

The First Woman In Space Is Celebrating Her 80th Birthday –


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