Gravity Falls Creator Joins the Spider-Man Animated Film Team -

In early January we reported that an animated feature film based on the Ultimate Spider-Man character Miles Morales was being worked on. Well, we finally have some more news to swing your way, surprisingly from The Mystery Shack!

Earlier this week The Wrap broke the news that Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch has recently been added as a story contributor for Sony’s upcoming “Spider-Man” animated feature. The new film will focus around Marvel Comics newest web-slinger Miles Morales, replacing Peter Parker.

Even though Morales is the latest character to dawn the Spidey tights, he has been in the spotlight since 2011 after the Ultimate Fallout began and both the Ultimate comic series and mainstream Marvel Universe collided. Morales’s Spider-Man was one of the few Ultimate story elements brought into the 616 universe.

As for story contributor Alex Hirsch, he definitely has his plate full after the success of his wildly popular and original animated series, Gravity Falls. Hirsch has also been attached as a writer for Legendary Pictures new live action Pokemon adaptation Great Detective Pikachu, with the help from Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman.

Hirsch’s work on Gravity Falls proves he is the right guy to write for both young and older audiences. It will be pretty interesting to see his approach to this kind storytelling. It sure did not take long for the powerhouse behind the Disney XD channel to pass along Hirsch’s name to the big boys upstairs.

This Spider-Man animated film isn’t just a direct to DVD kind of deal either. Han Solo film director Phil Lord is attached to the project and has already turned in a script treatment. Marvel’s animated features dropped off years ago after many mediocre releases. The running joke for a while was that Marvel should stick to films, whereas DC should stick to animated features. Maybe attaching talent like Hirsch and Lord may change around Marvels Animation luck after all.

The Miles Morales Spider-Man film isn’t titled just yet but is expected to hit theaters nationwide on Dec. 21, 2018.

Gravity Falls Creator Joins the Spider-Man Animated Film Team –


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