Grab A Cherry Blossom McFlurry At Your Local Japanese McDonald's -

Springtime in Japan means plenty of cherry blossom-flavored items, with delicious sweet treats, sodas, candies, cookies, and even beer available and infused with the beautiful flowers. We talked about cherry blossom beer before, and similar items of that ilk. But now McDonald’s is joining in on the fun with the Cherry Blossom McFlurry, an ice cream delicacy at the fast food restaurant that you’ll be able to gobble down if you live near a Japanese McDonald’s or are going to be in the area. It’s one of those ice cream creations that looks just as good as it probably tastes.

The Cherry Blossom McFlurry is vanilla ice cream blended with sakura-colored waffle cone pieces and pickled cherry blossom leaves as well as a Sakura Mocha (cherry blossom rice cake) sauce. It’s all swirled up together much like a Dairy Queen Blizzard or regular McFlurry (in case you’ve never had one, it’s essentially the same thing.) It looks like a bright, pastel spring treat, but if you’ve never actually tried anything cherry blossom-flavored, you might be advised that it doesn’t actually taste like cherries. It’s got more flowery undertones, so don’t go into it thinking it’s going to be deliciously sweet and cherry-like. You might be taken by surprised by its actual flavor. So if you’re not really into trying new things, you might want to stay away.

Grab A Cherry Blossom McFlurry At Your Local Japanese McDonald's -


In fact, according to Kotaku, there was a Sakura McFlurry out on the market in Singapore McDonald’s, but it seemed to taste more like blackcurrant instead of cherry blossoms. You can’t win them all, I suppose. If you want to taste this new frozen dessert, you’ll be able to pick it up beginning March 1 through early April in Japan, so if you’re going to be in the area make sure you swing by and grab one to test out for good measure. And now I’m ready for some ice cream. Thanks.

Grab A Cherry Blossom McFlurry At Your Local Japanese McDonald's –


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