Hasbro Unveils the First Select-Fire Nerf Gun, the Nerf Regulator – Geek.com

Nerf has become more and more hilariously realistic with its blasters over the years. You won’t mistake any brightly colored Nerf weapon for a real gun, but mechanically they’re cousins at this point. We’ve seen magazine, drum, and belt-fed machine guns, bolt actions, bipods, tripods, and a variety of grips and stocks for Nerf guns, evoking countless pistols, submachine guns, and rifles. The Nerf N-Strike Elite and Modulus lines have done the bulk of this work, with the N-Strike rail system giving way to dozens of accessories and configurations for Modulus blasters. Now Nerf is going a step further, with its first selective fire blaster.

Crunchyroll Hits 1 Million Paid Subscribers – Geek.com

Crunchyroll, the massively popular anime streaming service, has grown to 1 million paid subscribers and 20 million total users. If you thought anime was still part of a niche audience that people weren’t interested in exploring, these numbers should prove otherwise, especially in a market where video-on-demand services like HBO Now and CBS All Access are drawing in subscribers by the millions. Anime and manga are their own formidable force for audiences who want to consume anime by the truckload and even the casual viewer.

硅谷一周融资速报:15 家公司获总计超 7.02 亿美元融资

硅谷一周融资速报:15 家公司获总计超 7.02 亿美元融资

编者按:这是 36Kr 和 500 Startups Mobile Collective 合伙人 Edith Yeung 合作向大家投递的硅谷最新投融资信息。Edith Yeung专注于移动互联网、VR、AR、物联网方面的投资。了解更多她的信息请点击网站http://www.edith.co/,或在 Twitter 上关注她。你也可以联系36Kr 硅谷内容总监徐涛,她的邮箱是 xutao@36kr.com。