Taboo Is Done Pulling Its Punches –

After weeks of set up, last week’s episode of Taboo finally found some momentum. The question was would they be able to keep it up? Well, after watching Episode Six, not only were they able to keep it up, they added to it and ran over some people in the process. The show appears to be done hinting at things to come. Now, it’s delivering on the promises of the first half of the season. In its own horrific and disturbing way, of course.



Adult Swim’s Black Comedy Renaissance –

Adult Swim is so cool for so many reasons. It’s the mature late-night spin-off of Cartoon Network of all channels and brought back Hanna-Barbera classics like Space Ghost and Birdman in subversive new forms. Its Futurama reruns helped get the show resurrected. It gave us Tim & Eric and Rick & Morty and Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen. It scares stoners with infomercials like Too Many Cooks. It’s about to give us the Samurai Jack finale we all deserve. Heck, it’s even a really cool video game publisher.