The LEGO Movie proved that you can make a complex work of satire and a heartfelt ode to the power of imagination and ingenuity out of something that was -literally- a feature length toy commercial slash exercise in brand management. The LEGO Batman Movie sets out to prove that a one-joke supporting character from that same toy commercial can carry their own feature in the same basic vein. Next up, The LEGO Ninjago Movie will try to prove that trick will work when the comfort zone of nostalgia being appealed to only dates back about (number) years. If that one works, too, this whole thing might start to get a little scary: we only have this one small planet – there’s a finite amount of territory for LEGO, Marvel, and Star Wars to fight over.

传下周Magic Leap将在董事会上展示原型产品

传下周Magic Leap将在董事会上展示原型产品

自从被曝光宣传视频造假之后,一度风光无限的AR初创企业Magic Leap受到了一些媒体的强烈质疑。再加上至今尚未看见产品影子,其45亿美元的估值也有点岌岌可危。不过据BI援引内幕人士消息,也许下周其进展情况就能见分晓,据称为了赶在下周的一场董事会召开之前提交其一体化产品原型,Magic Leap的整个工程团队都已经在开足马力加班加点。

【8点1氪】李彦宏回应裁撤医疗事业部:将利用人工智能进入医疗领域;英特尔宣布投资 70 亿美元建芯片工厂

阿里巴巴旗下蚂蚁金服据称寻求 30 亿美元融资据the Information报道,中国最有价值的在线金融公司正在从收购狂潮中建立一个从印度到德克萨斯的全球强国。熟悉谈判的人士称,为了资助其海外交易,阿里旗下蚂蚁金融服务集团正在与银行家早日商讨筹集超过30亿美元,可能通过发行债券或银行贷款。the Information 指出,尽管蚂蚁金服尚未公开讨论 IPO 的时间表或潜在场地,不过预计本次筹资谈判会在首次公开募股之前。