Suprise! Flashpoint Matters Again on The Flash –

Last night’s Flash made a few missteps but ultimately made up for them with a few major developments. For example, Flashpoint still exists somewhere. That’s a pretty big deal. The show opens on an upbeat and exciting note with The Flash and Kid Flash racing through Central City. Wally is getting a lot faster, and the two heroes are neck and neck the whole way through. In the end, Barry winds by phasing through a building that Wally has to run up. When Wally Protests, Barry says he has to be ready for anything.

【8点1氪】亚马逊 Payments 新增 1000 万客户;小米电视上调 3s 系列部分产品价格

2016年亚马逊 Payments 增加近一倍的交易量和 1000 万客户据 Techcrunch 报道,在彭博报告显示 PayPal 和亚马逊一直在讨论支付方式之后不久,亚马逊公布了自己的支付业务的新里程碑。该零售商今日表示,有超过 3300 万客户现在使用亚马逊 Payments进行购买 ,该数字去年4月还仅有2300万。亚马逊在2016年向全球合作伙伴开放了Amazon Payments,PrestaShop,Shopify和Future Shop等平台都已加入。

Give Your Significant Other a Valentine's to Remember With Chocolate Ramen –

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that likely means you’re looking for something delicious to give your significant other regarding candies or chocolates. How about something different and decadent to celebrate your relationship? Just hop a plane to Japan for some limited time sweets, namely one that might seem a little bizarre: chocolate ramen.

Stanford Students Took a Crack at Brewing That 5000 Year Old Chinese Beer Recipe –

Last spring, archaeologist made a surprising discovery in China: a 5,000 year old recipe for beer. It’s no secret that humans have a longstanding love of beer, but its presence in this particular beer showed that the Chinese had known about barley almost 1,000 years earlier than previously thought.So what do you do when you’re an archaeology professor, and you uncover an ancient recipe for beer lying around? You get your students to try to reproduce it, naturally! Stanford Prof Li Liu says that “archaeology is not just about reading books and analyzing artifacts,” which sounds a lot like a sentiment uttered by Indiana Jones in The Crystal Skull: “If you want to be a good archaeologist, you gotta get out of the library! “Liu added that “trying to imitate ancient behavior and make things with the ancient method helps students really put themselves into the past and understand why people did what they did.” In this case, the why is obvious: because beer is tasty.