Nintendo Shows Off the Switch in Its First Super Bowl Commercial –

The Big Game is almost here. Yes, we’re about a month away from the launch of the Nintendo Switch and its hotly anticipated launch title The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild. Oh, and I guess the Super Bowl is about to happen, too. But even if I don’t care about football, plenty of other folks do. And lots of eyeballs will be glued to TV screens this Sunday for Super Bowl LI. In-between all that ball-tossing will be the biggest commercials of the year, including this new ad for the Nintendo Switch.

The Flash Takes a Backseat and Gives Other Characters Time to Shine –

Barry Allen didn’t have much to do in last night’s episode of The Flash, and that’s a good thing. Instead of another hour obsessing over changing the future, we got some much-needed character development for H.R. and Iris. Plus, a different superhero got to take the spotlight. The episode opens with the two Flashes saving a bus stopping a van full of criminals and saving a bus full of cheerleaders. Since Barry is spoken for, he lets Wally take the credit and bask in the admiration. That’s basically his role this episode.

Mega Man Looks Glorious in 2.5D –

Classic Mega Man is… well… classic, but that doesn’t mean that someone can’t come up with a different way of playing as the original Blue Bomber. A team of Mega Man devotees has taken the gameplay we’re all familiar with and added a whole new dimension to it (pun most definitely intended). Though we’ve all seen countless fan-made versions of old-school games over the years, it’s safe to say that this project is one of the more unique ones out there.