Artist Spotlight: Hannah Blumenreich –

Hannah Blumenreich is a comic book writer and artist, best known for her work on her Spider-Zine, which is a series of comics released online focusing on Peter Parker. Her iteration of the character resonated with readers this past year, and she was recently announced to be a guest creator on the over-sized Amazing Spider-Man #25, which is due out in March. I recently got the chance to talk to Hannah about superheroes, her work in comics, and how she feels about getting to work at Marvel.

Exclusive: Straight out of Nerf Doomlands, Meet The Judge –

Hasbro’s been having fun with Nerf. Besides regular Nerf N-Strike blasters, there’s the zombie-themed Zombie Strike line, the wasteland-themed Doomlands line, and the alien-themed Alien Menace line. There’s also the girl-focused (and thankfully not too pink and cloying) Nerf Rebelle and car-launching Nerf Nitro series, but let’s focus on the goofy themed Nerf blasters. They’re absurd, and Hasbro has given us an exclusive look at the newest ones that will be on display at Toy Fair later this month.