Happy Birthday to Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas – Geek.com

According to the DC Comics Calendar (from 1976), today, January 29th, is the birthday of Arthur Curry, aka the DC Comics’ superhero Aquaman. First appearing in More Fun Comics #73 in November 1941, Aquaman has solidified himself as a cornerstone of the DC Universe. He is a husband, father, a founding member of the Justice League, and the king of Atlantis. Despite becoming the butt of many superhero-related jokes, especially during the more extreme 90’s and grittier 2000’s, Aquaman has recently come back to the forefront of the DC Universe. One of the few characters to benefit from DC Comics’ New 52 launch under the pen of Geoff Johns, Aquaman was rebooted as a self-aware hero, who overcame all of the jokes thrown his way by showing off his capabilities as a hero and a leader. Now, Jason Momoa is set to play the character in a Justice League movie later this year, as well as star in his own feature length movie set for release in 2018.