Happy Birthday to Sci-Fi Classic Babylon 5 – Geek.com

Babylon 5 first hit the air on this day, January 26th, 1994, making it 23 years young. The J. Michael Straczynski masterpiece held fans captivated for 5 seasons with over 100 episodes and six additional TV movies. And Straczynski penned almost the entire series. Warner Brothers took a chance on the Babylonian Productions after viewing a low-budget pilot movie almost a year earlier…and history was made.

让农民掌握耕种各阶段信息,印度农业科技初创公司 RML AgTech 完成 400 万美元融资

1 月 25 日,总部位于印度孟买的农业科技初创公司 RML AgTech 宣布完成了一笔 400 万美元的风险投资,投资方是本土风投 IvyCap Ventures。据悉,本轮融资从 2016 年就开始启动了,但被拆分成了好几个阶段,终于在近日完成。该公司计划利用这笔资金强化自身 IT 能力,此外还要开发新产品,并在现有产品中添加更多新功能。