Square Enix is Making an Avengers Game – Geek.com

When Marvel and Square Enix both teased that they were dropping big news at the same time, we all assumed it meant famous Disney property Spider-Man would show in Kingdom Hearts III alongside Prompto and Haley Joel Osment. But while that may still happen, the actual announcement is arguably much more exciting, at least for the West. Square Enix and Marvel have struck a multi-game partnership starting with an Avengers game.

The Magicians Season Two Premiere is Mostly Setup, but It's Enjoyable Setup – Geek.com

Syfy’s self-aware, mildly campy take on Lev Grossman’s novels returned for a second season last night. It’s one of those situations where the added camp is a welcome change from the source material. The books can be a fairly dark and harrowing read, and the show doesn’t pull any punches in depicting the more disturbing scenes. The added levity gives us a welcome break, while simultaneously making us let our guard down. As a result, those disturbing moments hit harder.