BOOM!'s Lady Castle is a Fantasy Come True –

Lady Castle #1(W) Delilah S. Dawson (A) Ashley WoodsWhen King Mancastle and his mighty vassals ride off on crusade, the women left behind are not at all put out-that’s a lot less armor polishing for them to do. Of course, when the men get themselves eaten by a dragon and leave a curse that attracts monsters to the castle…well, the women take umbrage with that. Now the blacksmith’s wife Merinor is King, Princess Aeve is the Captain, and the only remaining (and least capable) knight Sir Riddick is tasked with teaching the ladies of the castle how to fight, defend, build, and do all manner of noisy things the men had been doing while the women assumed they were just drunk. Novelist Delilah S. Dawson (Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon, As Wicked as She Wants, Wake of Vultures) brings her first original series to comics and is joined by breakthrough illustrator Ashley A. Woods (Niobe: She Is Life) for a rollicking fantasy adventure featuring women reclaiming their lives on their terms. 

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Please Pay for Mobile Games –

Fire Emblem is coming to mobile. Hooray! Nintendo’s strategy RPG series makes perfect sense on the platform, and the upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes gives you access to classic characters from the franchise’s long history. But you know what else it gives you access to? A store full of “optional” in-game currency that requires you to spend real money on this “free” download. And once you realize getting the characters you want relies on “gacha” chance, suddenly that in-game currency doesn’t feel so optional.

【8点1氪】三星将公布Note 7爆炸调查结果;微软本周将宣布裁减700名员工

今日上午九点,三星将公布Note 7爆炸调查结果三星表示,将于韩国标准时间1月23日上午10点(北京时间23日上午9点)在首尔举行发布会,正式公布Galaxy Note7起火爆炸事件的调查报告,并面向全球直播。据华尔街日报报道,知情人士称,三星下周一要公布的正式调查结果是:Note 7的电池尺寸与电池仓不匹配,存在制造缺陷,导致电池过热,从而起火爆炸。该调查结果是三星所聘请的三家质检和供应链分析公司所进行的独立调查结果。



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