Two Regulars Will Return to American Horror Story's Mysterious Seventh Season -

Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters in American Horror Story: Roanoke. (Via FX)

They’ve been with the show since the beginning, and now, they’re back for more. Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will return to American Horror Story for its seventh season. Series creator Ryan Murphy confirmed the news on Thursday at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While other actors have come and gone, Paulson and Peters have appeared in every season of American Horror Story so far. Most recently, they played two married actors who fell in love on the set of My Roanoke Nightmare, a Paranormal Witness-style reality show. It was the first time they’d been romantically paired on the show, and it led to some pretty great moments. The age difference made Paulson’s character self-conscious to the point where, after he was brutally murdered, everyone assumed he’d abandoned her. It was an interesting dynamic that justified the group staying in the house despite losing one of their own. You know good slasher flick writing.

Two Regulars Will Return to American Horror Story's Mysterious Seventh Season -

(Via FX)

The cast isn’t the only AHS news to come out of the press tour. We also learned a little (very little) about the upcoming seventh season. Remember last year when the nature of season six was a giant secret? In the past, we knew exactly what setting to expect. It was built into the title: Hotel, Asylum, Freak Show, etc. Then last year, all we got were a bunch of cryptic teasers. We didn’t even find out the subtitle of season six until the first episode aired. Well, it looks like they’re doing that again.

FX promised that the next season would unfold in “a unique fashion,” just as the last one did. They’re keeping the subtitle and setting a secret for now. All Murphy said about it is that it’s “a modern-day story.” Maybe that means it’ll all take place in modern day, without the time-hopping horror of past seasons? Right now, that’s all the information we have to go on. We’ll likely have to wait until the season premiere later this year to learn the answers to all our questions.

American Horror Story has been renewed for two more seasons after this next one, with the ninth season likely airing in 2019. If the show keeps up its current level of quality and popularity, there’s no reason it shouldn’t extend even beyond that.

Two Regulars Will Return to American Horror Story's Mysterious Seventh Season –


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