Someone Is Trying to Sell That Stolen Three-Screen Razer Laptop -

Just a few days ago, Razer’s awesome Project Valerie laptop — the one with three 4K displays — was stolen. Now it looks like whoever stole it is trying to unload it.

It turns out that the thief (or thieves) didn’t just nab one Project Valerie prototype. They actually got ahold of a pair. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan understandably wants them back, really, really badly. The company was willing to offer $25,000 to anyone who could offer information that led to the prototypes’ return.

So where did the laptops end up? Somewhere behind the Great Wall, apparently. Whoever has them isn’t trying to quietly fence them in some dark Beijing alleyway, either. They’ve actually been listed on the immensely popular Chinese e-commerce site Taobao — where they were spotted by writers at Engadget Chinese and Wccftech.

For the oh-so-reasonable converted price of $21,733, you can own the world’s first triple-display laptop! The downside (assuming you’re not keen on winding up with a criminal record or being ordered to do community service) is that you’d technically be taking possession of stolen goods.

The smarter move would be to exercise your Jedi-like patience and wait for Razer to bring Project Valerie to market. With the kind of publicity this thing’s gotten so far, they’d be crazy not to offer it up for sale.

Maybe not at the $20,000 mark, but there are definitely Razer fanatics and gamers out there that would gladly pay a premium for a system like this…

Someone Is Trying to Sell That Stolen Three-Screen Razer Laptop –


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