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If you’ve ever seen the anime Death Note or are familiar with the manga series, you probably know all about the little black book. You know the one that has the ability to kill anyone you choose. All you have to do is write the person’s name, keep their image in mind, and write down what kind of end you wish for them to meet. You can leave it blank for a vanilla heart attack, but if you want to get really grisly, you can be more detailed.

So imagine how awkward it was for kids in an elementary school in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan when their teacher told them “I’ll write your name in my Death Note!” during class. The teacher, a male in his 30s, apparently utilized an image of the Death Note from the anime series to warn students and keep them in line. He apparently told four students in fourth and sixth grade that they (presumably if they misbehave) would have their names written in a Death Note.

Duh, kids, it’s obviously not going to come true, though….. It’s an anime series, and you’d think kids that old would be able to tell fantasy from reality, but the school still found it incredibly out of line. The kids’ homeroom teacher ended up reporting it to the principal, and the teacher was reprimanded, prompting an apology from the principal to the students’ guardians. He told The Fukushima Minyu Shimbun “I don’t think the kids had good feelings about this. As a method of warning, it’s inappropriate.”

Yeah, it’s probably not a good idea to threaten students with death, but it seems like a case where the teacher found it easier to connect with students in a “playful manner.” I’m sure that teacher isn’t going to be doing that anymore, but it’s a little funny to see references made to the morbid series. And if you haven’t seen Death Note, you should certainly make some time to do so.

Japanese Teacher Threatens to Write Students' Names in His 'Death Note' – Geek.com


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