Here’s Why It Hurts So Much to Step on a Lego | Culture |

We’ve all done it. We’ve walked into a kid’s room or somewhere you can find a lot of Legos (like a collector, maybe?) and we’ve stepped on one of the little buggers. A searing pain has ripped through your foot and up your leg as a result. You’ve probably screamed or cursed at the top of your lungs. And then you’ve likely staggered around in pain for a few minutes trying to figure out if you stepped on a knife or a spike. Or something.

So why does it hurt so bad when you accidentally walk on a Lego? It turns out someone created a video specifically to explain this phenomenon because we’ve always wondered. The Today I Found Out YouTube channel and Simon Whistler’s video have all the answers, and it’s not really all that surprising, but hey — the more you know!

First of all, Legos can withstand a whole lot of pressure, and they don’t give when you stand on them. Combined with the fact that your feet have a ton of nerves in them, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. It’s all based on the fact that your feet are meant to help your body keep balanced, and those nerve endings are receiving a whole bundle of information at all times.

Stepping on a Lego throws all of that off, especially when they have sharp corners and ridges on top. Also, consider the fact that each piece can support nearly 1,000 pounds before compressing down. Essentially, this means that you could step on the pieces a few times over and instead of crushing it you’re just transferring all that force back. Ouch.

You can check out the video for more information as to why those little devils hurt so bad, but make sure you’re looking out the next time you walk through a house where someone plays with Legos.

Here’s Why It Hurts So Much to Step on a Lego | Culture |


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