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It’s looking like Warner Bros., and DC are finally moving forward with a new big screen version of the Green Lantern.

Deadline reports that David Goyer and Justin Rhodes have been brought on to write the script for Green Lantern Corps, which’ll star not one but two famous Earthbound Green Lanterns: Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

Goyer has been an integral part of a number of DC media properties, having worked on the script for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (oh dear) and the Dark Knight series (a little better). He also served as the showrunner for NBC’s Constantine show. Rhodes recently wrapped up work on the script for Guillermo del Toro’s Fantastic Voyage remake.

The film was described as a Lethal Weapon-style, buddy-cop origin story, with the focus on Stewart and his relationship with the rest of the Corps.

There have been some people who have held the title of Green Lantern, including Jordan, who was the focus of that 2011 movie starring Ryan Reynolds, which was a critical and box office failure. Stewart is another popular version–a black, former Marine sniper who is brought on to be Jordan’s backup. The initial relationship between the two is strained, with the most experienced Lantern seeing the newer recruit as a poor choice, although he eventually gains respect for Stewart.

Out of all the Justice League members that are getting films, it was looking like Green Lantern was the most up in the air. After that disastrous version, which was originally supposed to kick off a DC movieverse, it makes sense that Warner Bros. would be hesitant.

But with the announcement of script writers, expect to hear more news soon, including a director, and hopefully, a cast.

It’s unclear if the Green Lantern Corps will have anything to do with Justice League, which will premiere in Nov. 2017. Considering how relaxed Warner Bros. is with just throwing Justice League members into its films, I wouldn’t be shocked to at least hear a passing mention of the group, or either one of the Lanterns.

The film is expected to premiere sometime in 2020.

Warner Bros.’ ‘Green Lantern Corps’ To Feature John Stewart, Hal Jordan | Movies | Geek.com


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