Peter Dinklage May Join Avengers: Infinity War’s Infinite Cast | Movies |

Avengers: Infinity War and its untitled sequel promise to bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe to an exciting climax when they premiere in summer 2018 and summer 2019 respectively. To do so, the films will feature literally every superhero Marvel Studios currently has the rights to, from Iron Man to Spider-Man to Captain Marvel to Doctor Strange’s sidekick Wong. Plus, Josh Brolin is going to be big and purple and in love with death as Thanos. But apparently, there are still some holes left to fill in the gargantuan cast. So Marvel is courting Peter Dinklage for a role in the films.

Variety is reporting that thanks to a break in Dinklage’s Game of Thrones schedule, he’ll have time to appear in both upcoming Avengers films, shooting back-to-back this summer. Game of Thrones is also nearly over, so it makes sense for Dinklage to want to transition to big films anyway.

We don’t have any idea who Dinklage is playing in Infinity War, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. Geek’s Editor-in-Beef Chris Radtke guesses he could be playing Pip the Troll, but personally, I’d hope Marvel would like to cast the award-winning actor for reasons other than his height. After all, that wasn’t a factor Dinklage he played villain Bolivar Trask in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Folks on Twitter have guessed characters like MODOK and Doctor Octopus, but the real challenge is figuring out what character would make sense in Infinity War’s story that we don’t already know about. Adam Warlock? Uatu? A talking Infinity Stone?

We’ll all find out soon enough if and when Marvel officially announces Dinklage’s casting. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for the films to hit theaters. We really wish we had the Time Stone right now.

Peter Dinklage May Join Avengers: Infinity War’s Infinite Cast | Movies |


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