Grand Theft Auto V is Being Used to Teach AI Agents How to Drive -

Those who are building self-driving cars will now have the option to test their AI agents inside of Grand Theft Auto V thanks to OpenAI’s, Universe program.

Universe connects game controls and video displays to machine-learning agents that can be trained by video games. Universe has actually been tested using a wide range of video games. Researchers use games to test out their AI agents because they learn the way humans do: through trial and error.

This open-sourced MIT-licensed code is maintained by Craig Quiter, who works for the Uber-owned start up, Otto. They were responsible for delivering 51,744 cans of Budweiser over 120 miles by using a self-driving truck. This AI software comes programmed with a trained driving agent, so developers only need a copy of GTAV to get started.

Grand Theft Auto V is based on Los Angeles. The game isn’t an exact replica of the city, but its streets are very similar and are perfect for teaching an AI car how to drive. In addition to that, the game’s wide variety of vehicles and weather patterns also provide researchers with a good deal of data to test out their algorithms and models.

“[Integrating with Universe] was a perfect fit because GTA V runs in Windows, and Universe allows running the AI separate from the game; in Linux, for example, where most AI work is done,” Quiter told The Register.

If you’re going to train AI to drive, GTAV is certain a great place to do it. Those who worry that training AI within the murderous world of Grand Theft Auto is a bad idea will be relieved to know that violence has been removed from the system. This is good news since the last thing we need is a swarm of AI cars running over pedestrians for the fun of it.

Grand Theft Auto V is Being Used to Teach AI Agents How to Drive –


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